The COLLINS WORKALL® tractor incorporates two solid axles with differential lock and hydrostratic drive, and weight distribution is ideal regardless of the challenging job.

• Category I and II 3-Point Hitch on Front and Rear
• Live PTO (Power Take Off) 540 on Front or Rear for Starting Auxiliary Equipment
• Hydraulic Hookups for Standard Farm Attachments
• Front Cab for Excellent All-Around Visibility, so driver can clearly see the work
• Oscillating and Articulating Center Joint keeps all 4 wheels on the ground
• 4 Independent Hydraulic Wheel Motors with Hydrostatic Drive, No Axles and No Gearbox
• Easily Accessible Engine Behind Driver Allows for Equal Weight Distribution
• 4 Standard Agricultural Tires Provide 17" Clearance
• 45° Articulated Steering Allows the Workall to be Significantly Maneuverable


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